• Eden Bath

    Our newest masterpiece with bold, handcrafted contours. Explore matching oval and round countertop basins in the collection.

  • Willow Bath

    Introducing a freestanding bathtub with serene design and sculptural allure. Crafted from composite stone for durability and easy maintenance.

  • Ray Bath

    Our widest and tallest bathtub enhances any bathroom with its luxurious design, offering ample space for a rejuvenating bathing experience.

  • Honey Bath

    Graceful symmetry and a classic oval design seamlessly integrate into small bathrooms, providing a deep-soaking, immersive experience.

  • Indy Bath

    A contemporary, timeless oval design handcrafted with natural composite stone, seamlessly blending elegance and functionality into any bathroom decor.

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Welcome to Madu Living, the epitome of luxury bathware. Our handcrafted Terazzo Stone bathtubs and basins, crafted by skilled artisans with decades of experience, redefine opulence. Combining quality, durability, and custom craftsmanship, our products stand out with a superior finish and easy maintenance. Elevate your living space with Madu Living—where luxury converges with the artistry of terrazzo stone.


Where are the products made?

Our products are carefully handcrafted in Indonesia by skilled artisans with decades of experience, ensuring each piece reflects a dedication to craftsmanship and quality.

How much do they weigh? 

Our basins range from approximately 8-15kg and our freestanding baths 100-130kg.

How does this differ to concrete? 

Terrazzo Resin is a composite material made from a mixture of resin (often polyester or acrylic), powdered stone (like marble or quartz), and various pigments. This combination results in a durable and versatile material. Concrete, on the other hand, is a mix of cement, water, and aggregates (such as sand and gravel). It tends to be heavier and may require additional reinforcement.
The benefits of Terrazzo over concrete are:

  • Lightweight: Terrazzo Resin is lighter, making transportation and installation easier.
  • Versatile Design: It offers more design flexibility and intricate shapes compared to concrete.
  • Smoother Finish: Terrazzo Resin has a smooth finish with a wide range of colors. 
  • Durability: Resistant to stains, cracks and scratches, requiring minimal maintenance.
  • Ease of Installation: Lighter weight and flexibility make it easier to install than concrete.
  • Cost-Effective: Considering factors like installation and maintenance, it can be a more cost-effective option.

In summary, Terrazzo Resin offers advantages in terms of weight, versatility in design, aesthetic appeal, durability, and ease of maintenance when compared to concrete. These factors make it a preferred choice for various applications, particularly where a combination of style and practicality is desired.

What is the packaging for basin deliveries?

Basins will be safely enclosed within a cardboard box, accompanied by protective styrofoam to ensure secure transportation and delivery.

How are baths delivered?

Baths are delivered in a crate on a pallet to guarantee stability throughout the transportation process.

What is the delivery process for baths to residential premises?

For residential deliveries, the bath will be lowered using a tailgate and then wheeled to the front door or garage. However, due to the weight and size of the item, it will not be transferred to the bathroom.

What should I do if I have a new build and need the bath transferred to the bathroom?

For new builds, it's recommended to have your builder handle the transfer of the bath to the bathroom. Alternatively, you can make arrangements to do this yourself.

How many people are needed to transfer the bath to the bathroom?

Four individuals are capable of transferring the bath, although using a couple of dolly trolleys can make the process more manageable.

Can I set up a trade account for purchasing products from you?

Certainly, you have the option to apply for a Trade Account by clicking here. It's important to note that access won't be granted automatically, and approval may take up to 24 hours. For urgent pricing inquiries, please reach out to our office via phone.

Who will be delivering my products?

We utilize a courier service with established partnerships with various transport companies. During the checkout process, when you input your delivery address, our system will identify and select the most cost-effective transport option available across Australia.